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been busy doing ???

What have I been busy doing? I am not sure, but I haven’t spent alot of time at my computer lately, which is why I haven’t blogged recently. I know that I have been busy helping my boys do their 4-H records. They have to be done by October 3.
We have had some really nice days recently. Not today though. Today is windy. It started out sunny, became cloudy such that we thought it was going to rain and now it is sunny again. We also lost a tree because of the wind. Thankfully it was already dead and it didn’t hurt anybody when it fell,  nor damage the fence too much. And nobody got out before we discovered it and fixed it.

Here is the picture, fullsize, that I’m using for my gravatar.  This is Stubbins.  He is a registered Half Arabian;  he is also a paint.   He lost his ears when he was a baby.  He was born in the Montana mountains in April and he got frostbite on his ears.


Still learning

Well, it is wet and dreary today.   We needed the rain so I am trying hard not to complain.  😉  I think it ironic that we had such a wet spring with all the snow melt and rain and now summer is ending kinda’ dry.

Bible Quizzing has started.  The first quiz is Oct 1.  There are several here studying/memorizing for the adult quiz in a few months and C-3 is also planning to participate in the Aiken Invitational this December.

To practice posting pictures, here is a picture of our first family dog.  Her name was Samara; she was a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd cross.  She died in 2010 at the age of 14

I hope to be putting up pictures of my crocheting and my Zentangle drawings soon.