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Learning more

Today is much different than yesterday.  Today is bright and sunny and pleasantly warm – to us 76 degrees is pleasantly warm.

Here is a picture of our very first family pet.  Her name was Saturday, because she came to us on a Saturday morning in June.  We had only lived here about 2 months.  She was about 8 weeks old and very dusty!  It was about 2 years later when we got Samara, pictured in my previous post.  She also died last year, in December, while most of my kids were at a Quiz meet.  We still miss her very much.  When my oldest was in school, Saturday thought one of the BEST places to be was on C-1’s math book, if C-1 was doing her math.  If she wasn’t doing math, then a lap was okay.


Still learning

Well, it is wet and dreary today.   We needed the rain so I am trying hard not to complain.  😉  I think it ironic that we had such a wet spring with all the snow melt and rain and now summer is ending kinda’ dry.

Bible Quizzing has started.  The first quiz is Oct 1.  There are several here studying/memorizing for the adult quiz in a few months and C-3 is also planning to participate in the Aiken Invitational this December.

To practice posting pictures, here is a picture of our first family dog.  Her name was Samara; she was a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd cross.  She died in 2010 at the age of 14

I hope to be putting up pictures of my crocheting and my Zentangle drawings soon.