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Challenge #44

Well, I’ve done it again. Got my drawing for the Zentangle challenge done at the last minute. Actually I have 2 to share. This first one, done in Sakura’s purple and pink, I did a few weeks ago.  For this one, I used Man-o-Man for the string and the tangles inside it are:  Betweed, Hurry, Aah, Facets, Drupe, Ambler, Crescent Moon, Rain, Chillon, Nipa, Opus, Eye-wa, Printemps, Keeko, Shattuck, Meer, LaBel, and some I either don’t know the name or don’t remember.

Since I did it a few weeks ago, I thought it shouldn’t be my only one.  I should do one at the same time everyone else is.  So here is the one I just finished.  I used Sakura’s Micron purple and black pens.  In this one the string Tangle is  Hollibaugh.  Inside Hollibaugh I drew Onamato and inside Onamato I drew Jetties, Bales, Betweed, Crescent Moon, Cirquital, Ixorus, Eke, and four that I don’t know if they have names or not.

The four that are un-named to me are :

1 – four hearts in a circle

2 – flower-like one

3 – spider web-like one

4 – ribbon-like one running along the edges of Hollibaugh

I hope you enjoy my drawings!

Oh, I realized that I’ve been forgetting to say: Please encourage a new blogger and leave a comment!  Comments make my day!  Thank you and God bless!


I did it! I got it done for Challenge # 43!

I finally got a ZIA drawing done in time to post it and have it included in the Diva’s slideshow!  In case you haven’t heard, Laura Harms posts a challenge every Monday for fellow Zentangle enthusiasts to try.  I have my drawing done and am going to try to figure out how to get it entered in her challenge slideshow.  Here is my drawing:This week’s challenge is to use a sunflower as a ‘string’ in honor of South African organization that raises money to help those who have leukemia get a bone marrow transplant.  This organization is called the Sunflower fund.  Sorry, I don’t know how to include links to other sites in my posts (yet!) or I’d have a link to the Sunflower Fund, to Zentangle and to “I am the diva”.